Goal and Mission of United Food Banks™

To provide food produced from the Big Ag Food Project™ (www.bafp.farm) to those in poverty, those unable to afford to feed themselves and those in geographical areas where food supply is irregular, restricted or inaccessible. To provide edible and nutritious food that will in turn provide a healthy balanced diet. To find and implement a means to distribute food that is cost effective and that doesn’t make the project prohibitive. We are not aiming to compete with other existing Food Banks. We will also supply other existing food banks to help them operate and maintain their networks to distribute food where it is needed. Not to discriminate or judge or make assumptions surrounding good faith, eligiblity or those that may access our supplies when they can easily afford to buy their own food. If you are ‘one of those’ please consider your actions before applying to us because you will be taking food away from those that need it more than you!

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